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Welcome to the World of Lords Group of companies. We at Lords thrive for the impossible and achieve it. A Manufacturing, Trading, Export & Import Company that focus on business objectives and processes. We leverage a methodology driven approach to efficiently translate business goals into Manufacturing as well as Export & Import. We are into Rubber Goods Manufacturing.


We are one the leading exporters of Iron Ore. We deal with Software and Network Management, Computer Hardware and peripherals. Lords provides unified solutions for business across the sea and in India. Lords Group has the most global capability, the most successful implementations at large, global enterprises, and the most extensible and scalable product architecture in the business. This is based on 11 years of focus on the up growing growth within the company.


Lords Group of Companies. - Forging Ahead

Today Lords Group of companies is poised for growth and has a number of exciting plans to forge ahead as a leading international business House and IT solutions provider



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